The Stories

Sherlock Holmes Title Text

The world's most famous detective is on the case!

Dive into the dangerous criminal underworld of Victorian London with our mystery box, accompanied only by Dr. Watson and your own wits. Stand up to Moriarty, outwit Adler, and stay one step ahead of Lestrade. Can you solve the case before the brilliant Sherlock? There’s only one way to find out.

Loveday Brooke Title Text

Loveday Brooke is the original Lady Detective.

First penned in 1893 and heralded as the “Female Sherlock Holmes”, Loveday Brooke outwits the men every time. Jump on the case with Loveday as she puts life and limb on the line to outwit thieves, murderers, and criminal ne’er-do-wells. No case is too complex for Loveday Brooke. Can you say the same?

Our inaugural mystery stories will immerse the listener in the world of Sherlock Holmes and Loveday Brooke. Criminal masterminds, missing jewels, blackmail, disguises, and lady detectives are just a few of the many intrigues and adventures awaiting you.

Listen to the play.
Examine the clues.
Solve the mystery.

Listen to the play. Examine the clues. Solve the mystery.

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